4 Ways to Leverage a Small Business

No need to pretend you’re a large company. Your small size can help you beat the competition!

Given the recent economic crisis and the deep-seeded resentment consumers feel towards many large corporations, there is no better time to be a small business. Small businesses have the advantage of being easier to reach, customer-centric, innovation-driven, and incredibly nimble.

Here are your leverage points:


How many times have you been told by a big company–and usually by email–that someone would get back to you to address your questions in 24 to 48 hours? Customers want to connect directly with you and they want to know that you do, too. As a smaller entity, focus on making the connection as easy and as quick as possible.  If you are able to have real people answer every call, that’s not a size deficiency–it’s a selling point!


When customers contact your company, use your small size to create a very personal interaction with the customer.  Large corporations rarely worry about how many different people and departments a customer may be forced to deal with, and they do not hesitate to pile on the phone transfers and the confusion.


Quantity does not mean quality.  You may offer fewer items, you work hard to ensure they are the right items.


Small businesses can make fast decisions and work to implement them almost immediately.

So the next time you contemplate acting bigger than you are, think about the advantages of being small–and show the big guys that petite can be powerful.

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